Обновился популярный компонент социальной сети JomSocial v2.2.4

5875 : Avoid 'bind' error when using newer jomsocial database with new fields
5836 : Browser crash issue when using using 'share' box
5883 : Show More button in activity stream does not follow "Me & Friend" filter
5820 : d F Y H:i in plg_kunenalatest
5821 : d F Y H:i in plg_myarticle
5809 : $handler->isExpired() failed when using different language string
5832 : Performance improvements in 'Invite Friends' for Events
5894 : Since import ical file doesn't include the timezone info, by default, let the offset 0
5804 : Activation link should be removed when Activation is disabled
5863 : Group Discussion Sidebar on Lastreplier link is broken
5857 : Broken discussion link in txt email notification
5902 : Send e-mail to members option in Group page only sends to the first 20 members
5845 : Adding video on private group creates public activity on frontpage
Joomla 1.6 & 1.7
5884 : Access to private _name property on the Friend location plugin
5834 : Implement faster innerHTML replacement in ajax calls
5811 : The letters "l, d F Y H:i" appearing in twitter plugin
5849 : mod_latestmember language string not updated
5872 : Performance enhancements for browser resizing issue
5710 : sendmail does not respect "Receive System Email" option in the backend
5847 : Allow minimum & maximum age in Field_birthday
5810 : Updating status in Blackout does not update the 'thought balloon' area
5885 : Birtdate field does not follow the "Required" setting in the backend
5833 : Registration session timeout should follow Joomla session timeout
5812 : Search by Age does not work
5813 : Advanced Search error if in custom fields have singlequote


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